Port Metro Group, LLC

In early 2003, the forerunner company of today’s Port Metro Group was launched, doing business as the brand WestchesterLAX.com. We knew we were onto something good when the site achieved Top 10 organic search engine rankings, for intuitively obvious keywords, on Google, MSN and Yahoo!. We didn’t buy our way to the Top 10 SERPs; we earned it with original content and hand coding.

For some time the forerunner company was quietly known as Rooster Barks. A number of brands, including stalwart names such as HotelLanding.com, and HotelATL.com have graced our portfolio of owned/managed brands. Rooster Barks was operating hundreds of names in this time period. A “brand first/company second” arrangement does have some benefits, albeit while not fully describing the strengths of the company and business units.

Eventually, we outgrew Rooster Barks. Let’s be honest; Rooster Barks was a nonsense name. Memorable, yes. But a rooster barking just doesn’t encompass enough space; it’s too small. We needed to grow more.

After a great deal of work, the new company name was finally developed. We selected ‘Port Metro’, and obtained the exact match domain name.

Port Metro has several meanings, most of which apply to the company. We found no negative connotations of the term. The words are easy to understand, pronounce, remember, spell, and translate into foreign languages. Port Metro, as a positive, digital native, forward looking, tech savvy, somewhat broad-based name, is a grand slam home-run new name for the company.

The Port Metro name was rolled out circa 2008. At the time of the Port Metro name launch, we consolidated and rationalized the ownership and management of a number of brands.

Since the beginning, we have provided consulting services to very select clients, including the international European Waterways Ltd. GoBarging.com.

As our business units have grown in size and complexity, it has become ever more appropriate to more clearly indicate the multiple strengths via the company name. In 2012, we added the word "Group", to form the full company name Port Metro Group, LLC. As a diversified and interrelated company with multiple business units, the addition of the word Group to the company name is both operative and descriptive.

In the 2020s PMG has focused more on hyper-local, geographically specific domains, including our newest site, Hattiesburg.com.

Direct questions to: info@portmetro.com